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Speciessort descending Name Synonyms
Cattle Lugware Bahu, Kuku, Mangbattu
Cattle Bahima Nsagalla
Cattle Africander Afrikaner (in Africaans); Izankayi
Cattle Alur Nyoka, Nioka, Blukwa
Cattle Lagune Mayombe or Dahomey (in DR Congo), Lagoon (in Ghana)
Goats Djallonke West African Dwarf, African Pygmy, African Dwarf, Chevre de Fouta Djallon, Guinean, Guinean Dwarf, Chevre guineene; Cameroon Dwarf, Ghana Dwarf, Ghana Forest, Forest Dwarf, Nigerian Dwarf, Grassland Dwarf, Congo Dwarf; Chevre Naine, Chevre de Casamance,
Goats Congo Dwarf/Angola Dwarf Bahu
Sheep Congo Dwarf Bahu (after the name of group of ethnic groups that maintain the breed)
Sheep Congo Long-legged Baluba Congo Long-legged, Sudanese